Longyuan Group once again won the title of Fortune China Top 500

Time : 2019-07-16
& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; on the evening of July 10, Fortune China Networks released its latest Fortune 500 ranking, taking into account the performance and achievements of the largest Chinese listed companies in the world in the past year.

Longyuan Group ranked 415 in Fortune China's Top 500 in 2009 with 20.212 billion yuan in revenue. Two other local construction companies, Shanghai Construction Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd., ranked 244.

In 2018, Longyuan Group realized business income of 20.212 billion yuan, up 13.09% year-on-year; the net profit of shareholders belonging to listed companies was 922 million yuan, up 52.05% year-on-year. The group undertook business totaling 37.151 billion yuan in the whole year, of which the traditional construction business maintained steady development, undertook business of 16.582 billion yuan and PPP undertook business of 20.569 billion yuan in the whole year.

Fortune's Top 500 list covers all Chinese companies listed at home and abroad, based on data that listed companies officially disclose information on various stock exchanges. Among them, the total revenue of infrastructure and construction enterprises is about 5.107 trillion yuan, accounting for 11.22% of the total revenue of the 500 listed companies.

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