Love and Inheritance | Longyuan Group solemnly held the 4th "Thanksgiving and Inheritance" theme cultural event

Time : 2019-08-14

August, warm and thick is the pronoun of this season. Longyuan people's feelings are just like this season, full of enthusiasm, thick and lasting. August 8, Shanghai Xijiao Hotel International Conference Center. Longyuan Group's annual "Thanksgiving and Inheritance" theme cultural activities came as scheduled.

Before the start of the campaign, Longyuan Group issued the Zhenyuan Charitable Foundation Initiative for Fundraising. In just three days, the number of pledges quickly exceeded 1000.Persons, as of 7:30 p.m. on August 7, we have received more than 10 million yuan in personal pledges of love.

The event site officially launched the "Zhenyuan Charitable Foundation" named after Lai Zhenyuan, founder and chairman of Longyuan, with an original amount of 20 million yuan.

Love and inheritance is the theme of this event.

Love is a responsibility

It is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation to be kind and generous, to help the weak and to help the poor. As a listed company with the aim of serving the society, Longyuan Group has been practicing its social responsibility based on its own business since its inception, as well as the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture through sustained charitable and public welfare actions. "Longyuan for a hundred years, serve with heart." Longyuan always insists on creating value while constantly giving back to society.

The "Zhenyuan Charitable Foundation" initiated by the Group is donated by Lai Zhenyuan, Chairman of the Group, and his wife Zheng Guixiang in their personal names. Lai Chaohui, President of the Group, will contribute in his personal name and act as Chairman on behalf of the Company.

Lai Zhenyuan addressed the event. Today is a special day, he said. It is of great significance for Longyuan to establish Zhenyuan Charitable Foundation in the cultural activities of "Thanksgiving and Inheritance". All along, the development of our Longyuan has been supported by all walks of life, and our foundation will continue to carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and continue to give back to the society.At the same time, Longyuan's achievements can not be separated from the struggle and efforts of the older generation of Longyuan people. Our new generation of Longyuan people should inherit the spirit of Longyuan created by the older generation, learn more from them, and contribute to the everlasting development of Longyuan industry in the past century.

Lai Chaohui addressed the event. He said that the unveiling ceremony of "Zhenyuan Charitable Foundation" held today is a kind of inheritance of "always be grateful to be a person" advocated by the chairman. Longyuan was founded nearly 40 years ago. Every step of the company's development can not be separated from the hard work of the chairman, the selfless dedication of colleagues, the understanding and support of family members, and the support and attention of all social parties. Longyuan people are always grateful to inherit the spirit of Longyuan. They are more willing to take the initiative to take responsibility, give back to the public, and pass on this great love.

As early as the early 1990s, Lai Zhenyuan contributed to the Lai Lan Hope Primary School, which was once a student, to establish "Longyuan Class" for Zunyi, an old revolutionary area in Guizhou, to build "Hope Primary School" for poor mountainous areas such as Longquan, Zhejiang, to subsidize the Pingyang Disabled Persons'Federation, and to donate to the 8th National Hangzhou Paralympic Games. Long Yuan's public welfare road has never stopped.Next, Zhenyuan Charitable Foundation will work in the fields of new socialist countryside construction project, sudden disaster relief project, promotion of education development project, medical assistance project, concern for left-behind/lost children project and Longyuan Employee Assistance Project to strive for the widowed elderly, children in distress, disabled people and so on. The vulnerable groups in society and the needy Longyuan families in need of assistance should provide a helping hand to play their role in maintaining social stability, helping to overcome poverty, promoting the development of education and medical services, and supporting the protection of the ecological environment.

"Let love be transmitted from Longyuan Group to every corner of society, and let love help more people in need!"Lai Chaohui's appeal is also the voice of all Longyuan people.

Inheritance is a spirit

Inheritance, the continuation of a feeling, highlighting a spirit. This is the proud enterprise gene of Longyuan, and also the fine quality of Longyuan people.

The theme video "Inheritance" broadcasted in the event clearly shows that Chairman Lai Zhenyuan has been working with Longyuan in the past 40 years. By setting an example, he has left a series of Longyuan spirits such as "quality business", "dedicated service", "happy only one minute", "not afraid of change, embracing change" in the blood of the older generation of Longyuan people, and continues to be deeply rooted in them. Influencing the growing process of the "second generation of the dragon" and "the third generation of the dragon". Zhu Ruiliang, Zhou Wenlong, Wu Xianwen, Xiao Jianwu, Zhang Li, Lai Chen Qiwei, Zheng Chao... Although they are in different positions, they all practice the inheritance of the spirit of Longyuan with their own actions.

As a representative of Longyuan who joined Longyuan in 1995 and has been around the chairman for more than 20 years, Qian Shuijiang, Vice President of the Group, has a different feeling.

"I joined the Longyuan team in 1995 and have been with the chairman for more than 20 years. The chairman of the board has always taught us to work diligently, work hard and serve diligently; to be faithful and conscientious, to work with morality first; to find shortcomings, pressure and ways. That's what he said, and that's what he did. His words and deeds and the "Longyuan Culture" he created have influenced our generations of Longyuan people. As a disciple of the chairman, we will continue to set an example and do our work steadily and steadfastly. Like the chairman of the board of directors, we should take care of and cherish our younger generation of Longyuan people, continue to inherit the spirit of Longyuan, and add bricks and tiles to the founder of Longyuan Centennial Store!"

Gratitude is a quality

Thankfulness has always been the core content of Longyuan's corporate culture. Lai Zhenyuan, chairman of Thanksgiving Group, founded Longyuan, thanking the older generation of Longyuan for their long-term dedication and sacrifice. The sand painting performance on the spot outlines the 40-year history of the founder of Longyuan, Lai Zhenyuan and the group, and the nearly 40-year development of Longyuan is also Lai Zhenyuan's history of entrepreneurship and struggle. Walking in Longyuan's "Time Tunnel", time seems to be pushed back. Looking at the old photos, we can not help but recall the unique memories of the years of entrepreneurship.

Every August 8, the theme of "Thanksgiving and Inheritance" cultural activities is held. This year is the fourth session. "Gratitude and Inheritance" theme cultural activities have become the main carrier of corporate culture, and also a rare time for Longyuan people to meet each other every year. In the laughter and laughter, we narrated the feelings of teachers and apprentices, colleagues, recalled the struggle history of that year, and spent an unforgettable night.

Let's treasure the moments of happiness, pass on gratitude and love, and look forward to meeting again in the coming year.

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